People want to live meaningful experiences that will improve their lives. Connection with customers is based on an emotional bond based on trust. Our mission is to extend the human experience in a connected world. Our goal is to understand the daily experience of people in order to design useful, simple and pleasant forms of interaction. A good experience improves the lives of people anticipating their expectations.


345mxm® can provide just-in-time information relevant to the experience of the individual participants and improve their ability to make quick decisions based on their immediate needs, thoughts and feelings.

The information is provided in accordance with the user’s profile and behavior at the right time and in the right place. The process of dynamic segmentation and analytics can improve the experience of the individual participant. Participants have the opportunity to customize their event channel and share their experiences with other people.

Interactions orchestrated by the customer journey fully respect the needs of the participants, exhibitors and companies managing and directing always useful content at the right time without distractions in the real experience.

New technologies, from IoT to analytics, offer the contextual precision to create the exact appropriate trigger at the right time with the right information. The event experience starts earlier than you think and at different times for different people. The interactions are amplified by the integration with social media for enriching live and remote attendee experience. Through real-time analytics apps can deliver personalized recommendations, next-best actions, and anticipate user needs. That’s what builds loyalty!


Today travelers are demanding greater levels of information and customized solutions. 345mxm® amplifies the ability to convey information to travelers and real-time services when and where they need it by simplifying and transforming the travel experience. The spread of the Internet of Things in the coming years will lead to a greater demand for personalized services which can generate taylor made experiences in the physical and virtual world.

Travelers interact more and more through technology, which is making it much easier to provide this level of personalization. Services and information become personal, contextual and proactive. 345mxm® is a customer-centric solution that enables travel providers’ to develop intimacy with passengers through knowledge of their needs in the context of their experience.

A Passenger-Centric Approach, which enables providers to have a greater understanding of the preferences and behaviors of their clients by offering alternatives more relevant to their needs. 345mxm® allows to improve the overall travel experience.

The use of loyalty and gamification mechanics increase the involvement and participation of users with the objective to stimulate and generate active behaviors, urging users to take certain actions to achieve a goal.



Today every moment can be an opportunity of contamination for the purchase. The change in buying behavior, suggests an opportunity to develop a different relationship with customers based on a contextual experience. The continuous interaction with clients at every stage of their life cycle develops advanced profiling for each customer. The analysis of the purchases and habits allows to suggest products of interest and to propose dedicated and exclusive offers. Mobility Loyalty develops a bi-directional relationship between retailer and consumer. Customer needs can be identified easily and their purchase habits analyzed. The retailer can check real-time effectiveness of interactions set in the customer journey through the Analyze module and verify the response of the cluster through stream segment. The behavioral data can be used to develop co-marketing actions focused on the right customer segments, ensuring greater success.

Enhancing the in-store experience satisfies the customer and may increase the average transaction value. 345mxm® allows retailers to improve their customers’ in-store experience through the distribution of personalized content while shopping. Our technology recognizes customers when they visit a store so that retailers can automatically deliver them relevant content via mobile phone and wearable.

345mxm® Venue Hub model gives the hub owner a central management system which enables third parties to access their own mobile web based console in order to create and manage their customer interactions. Partners operating in the Venue Hub have an open one-to-one communication channel with their customers.



Users are evolving, always more and more “smart” and demanding. The wide dissemination and use of mobile devices and new ways of interaction related to the Internet of Things are changing social behaviors and users’ lifestyle experiences. Today we have an opportunity to connect in real time with them by creating unique experiences that anticipate their needs and contextual interactions able to boost their customer journey in the physical and virtual world.

Brands can no longer consider mobile just a communication channel but the primary point of access to target audience and the world of experiences that they live through it. 345mxm® allows enterprises and brands to transform these experiences in paths that they can create, manage and transform to reach and enhance their business goals.

Trusted brands create an emotional connection with consumers. Successful brands make trusted connections with consumers on an emotional level, generating a bond based on goodwill and credibility. Consistent personalized experience and transparent offerings are the key to drive trust.